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Roller Shutter Doors


  • The Easyglide compact door means you only require 210mm headroom above the door.
  • The Easyglide silent tracking system with double nylon brush strips internally installed for a smooth gliding door.
  • Our 55mm x 12mm foam filled insulated slates with nylon end caps are easy to install, saves space and enables you to park closer to the door.
  • The Easyglide bottom rail has a built in weather seal.
  • Tubular motor drive unit, which sits inside the tube above the door saving space, comes complete with manual override facility in case of power failure.


  • Remotes have independent open, close and stop buttons.
  • Open, close and stop buttons on receiver box.
  • Dead man function (hold to run on key fob) selected via DIP switch.
  • External key switch connections.
  • All Easyglide door systems come with an external lock system to enable manual operation in case of power failure.
  • Easyglide roller doors are simple to install and all our doors come complete with all fittings required.
  • Insulated slats for better thermal values.
  • Internal manual override included as STANDARD for power failures.
  • Remote control with 2 control fob’s (with your own personal security rolling code).
  • Internal control panel so you can operate your door from inside your garage.
  • 70mm guide runners with double side brush strips to keep the wind out.
  • Auto locking security straps to secure your door.
  • Supplied with a 3 pin plug (5amp fuse).
  • Versatile fixing options, can be fitted behind or between your pillars or a mixture of both.


External manual override (for people with no other access) £70
Upgrade your garage door with the Easyglide Safety edge sensor to avoid crushing or damaging the obstruction and the door £149.00

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