Electric Gates In Derby

  • In case of power failure, release the clutch easily, and operate the gate manually.
  • Stop working when gate meets with an obstacle.
  • Easy to install without direction Easy to install without direction

Easyglide has extensive experience in the garage door derby business. We have worked on 142 projects so far with happy customers.

Technical parameter:

Input voltage 24VDC Motor’s power 40W Rotational speed 2000RPM
Rod’s running speed 1.6cm/s Rad’s max travel 300mm Max single-leaf length 3m
Max single-leaf weight 300KG Environment temperature -20℃ ~ +50℃ Protection class IP44
Voltage DC24V
Frequency 433.92MHz(other frequency customized)
Wireless mode ASK
Memory capacity 20pcs rolling code remote controls
Features: 1.Single-button cycling working
2.Photocell interface
3. Time protection to confirm motor safety
4.Automatic delayed closing
5.Adjustable resistance sensitivity
6.Automatic identification interface, the card-reader, swipe card reader, video doorbell, realise the auto-release function
7.Automatic closing
8.Open single-leaf
9.Electric lock control when open the door
10.Encrypt rolling code, much more safer
Electric gate in Derby
Electric gate in Derby
Electric gate in Derby